Friday, April 3, 2009

Course Evaluations

I've been asked to communicate the following information to you. I've customized it somewhat.

--Prof. Wand

1. It's time for you to participate in on-line course evaluations. This program is called TRACE. This stands for something, but I don't know what :-) The University really likes to collect this data. We will also have in-class course evaluations on 4/13. At that time we will have forms from the College and from me personally.

2. Your assessments through TRACE are completely anonymous, as are the in-class evaluations.

3. Your assessments and comments will be available to the NU student community to assist future course selections.

4. Your assessments and comments are important data in evaluations of faculty performance.

5. Given the public nature of the comments and their intended use to enhance teaching, please be thoughtful and appropriate in crafting your input.

6. The TRACE evaluation period begins on Monday April 6. You can complete your assessments through Monday, April 27.

7. You access TRACE through your MyNEU portal. Please evaluate my course and all your other courses. For your convenience, you can save your work on the evaluations and you can submit course evaluations separately. However, you cannot change an evaluation once it is submitted. If your courses are not listed correctly, please email

Students will have from Monday, April 6 through Monday, April 27 at 11:50 p.m. to complete their survey.

Please e-mail for questions regarding TRACE. You should be receiving an individual email
announcing that the evaluation is open and describing how evaluations are used.

Your participation is appreciated.

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